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Clothing Alterations

Call Linda at 417-345-1812.  Sew Fine Clothing Alterations and Repairs Buffalo, MO and surrounding areas.  You will get the very best professional workmanship available anywhere. Linda  does not settle for anything less than the very best, and uses only top quality supplies.

I have more than 32 years in clothing alterations and repairs.  I specialize in Business and Casual Wear for professional men and women.  I also do school wear and all types sports clothes, and US Military and Law enforcement uniforms.

At Sew Fine you can get special fittings for your alterations.

You can get more life out of garments that have broken zippers which I can likely repair.  Or I can do a completely new zipper when necessary.

See the list below and if you need something done that I have not listed here, give me a call or just bring it in so I can see it up close.  I will be able to give you a price and pickup schedule.


Ties: some can be altered or repaired


Pants: Any pants you need altered or repaired from work pants to dress slacks, or uniforms. Bring them in to sew fine.


Coats: Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring; we can do them all.


Jeans: Get more life out of your favorite Jeans. Alter-Repair-Patch and replace zippers


Hems: Standard or Special such as Blind Hems or Save the fade blue jean hems. Basically any garment needing a hem.


Shirts: Work, Uniform, Casual, or Dress; we can do them all.


Repair and/or Alter. Zippers, Buttons, Sleeves, Body, & Collar

Suit Coats & Sport Coats

Suit & Sport Coats: Sleeves, Body, Collar, Buttons.


Buttons for all your garments

Over Coats

Over Coats

Slacks ~ Dress & Formal

Any dress pants you need altered or repaired including dress uniforms.


Zippers Repaired or Zippers Replaced for: Any Clothing with zippers.

School Clothing

School Clothing

Skirts & Dresses

Skirts & Dresses

Police Uniforms

Police Uniforms

Military Uniforms

Military Uniforms


Dress, Formal, or Work! I can Repair and/or Alter all kinds of uniforms.


All type sport clothing and Unifoms, repaired and/or altered

Sew Fine Alterations

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